The New Vampire Series from Fiona Tate

It doesn’t make sense really does it? The idea that our world, the one we see around us, is the only world that exists.
It’s not.
There’s also the other world, the one behind this one. The one where the so-called supernatural races exist. The Vampires, the Fae, the Were-creatures.
And every now and then, when it’s absolutely necessary, they leave their own world and come out from behind to enter ours.

Book One: The Childless Mother – Coming Soon

Serena Maxwell has always wanted to be a mother but as she approaches her mid-forties it hasn’t happened for her yet. And now, it’s too late. The sound of breaking glass in the early hours of the morning has signaled the end of Serena and Paul’s dreams. Now, Serena’s a Vampire.



The Twins Begin

The Twins Begin is a short story about Nyree and Nathaniel, and how they became Vampires.

The twins grew up in foster homes and orphanages and as adults, they set out to achieve their one goal. Become rich. So rich that they’ll never feel vulnerable again. They manage it in no time at all. And then they meet Serena.

The Twins Begin is the first in a series of short stories that tell of the turnings of characters from the forthcoming Vampire series, The World Behind.
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Countess Drusilla Steele’s Guide to Weight Loss

This is no ordinary weight loss guide.

Countess Steele provides advice on how to get yourself ready to embark on a weight loss regime, in her own distinct style.

Her most loyal subject, Doubting Thomasina contributes in her own respectful way.