Work with Me

I have my own style of writing and tone but I also write as Countess Drusilla Steele.

Countess Dru’s writing is more snarky, upfront and confronting than mine, and she swears a lot. You can see some of her writing here

Why Should You hire me?

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, over 23 years experience working with people experiencing mental health issues and alcohol and other drugs. I’ve also been living with Depression since childhood. I’m married to a man with an extensive criminal and drug history who is now cleaned up.

I have no children despite desperately wanting them. I’m childless by circumstance, and definitely not by choice. I am passionate about advocating for women like me, and educating the rest of the world about the fact that childless women are still valuable members of society and have a lot we can teach the world.

I have recently lost over 40kg, have put 15kg back on, and am in the process of getting that off again while dealing with physical illness (gallstones), menopause symptoms and arthritis.

My writing style is casual, tell it like it is, often uses swear words. I also use humour and my own  stories to illustrate my points.

I live in a small seaside village and am known as “the vampire lady” and I love all things gothic.

I’m part of a businesswoman’s mastermind and have worked with some amazing business coaches and copywriters who have taught me how to write landing pages that convert into sales. I know how to draw people out, so that I can get all the information I need to be able to write an about me page that focuses on their strengths while also acknowledging vulnerabilities when its appropriate.